Geddes & Gillmore

We are an Australian lifestyle brand rooted upon the rough and rugged environment. Our passion for easy wear clothing includes creative and stylish details with features resulting in an authentically enriched comfort look.

Our team could be described as creative and sportive. An active group enjoying our lives to the maximum. Our goal is to make you look and feel better in our clothes. You will want to wear them again and again and learn to love them with pleasure.

We create and make trendy clothing reflecting the modern urban and outdoor environment of today. The multipurpose enriched clothing and accessories are easy to mix and match when changing from one style to another.

Our fabric materials are uniquely pretested to guarantee their test against any rough terrain or workout. They are prewashed, dyed, tinted and treated to remain soft to the touch. It is young sustainable clothing. Comfort and quality is our highest priority. You could say we have redefined the style of classics!

Our urban and outdoor lifestyle theme is inspired by the Aussie way of life no worries culture. It’s about living your life with a smile; having fun in discoveries. Just taking things easy being very casual and laid-back, entertaining friends, enjoying the sports, being passionate, and open minded. Our lifestyle and fashion clothing lines are casual and comfortable, dress in the city and classic sportswear with tough edge.

Our identity is inspired by the cheeky rascal. Staying in touch with earth’s elements whilst at the same time being at the heart of life with its fast moving times and developments.

We design, create and make every fashion product with loving care. We have a special eye for detail. The quality is always of the very best and is in accessible price range. Each item is enriched with carefully chosen detail to design, colour, features using the best fabrics available. Our clothes are young and trendy and truly sustainable. They are inspired by different craftsmanship from all over the world.

So what does this mean to you? How does it all fit in?

Wearing our outfits create the feeling of your clothes breezing along through life with you. The good qualities which spring to mind are: playful, trendy, sparkling, vivid, passionate, talented, driven, positive, in for a joke, up to date, curious, active, sportive, romantic, colourful, team player, free minded, rascal, looking for a challenge, social, adaptive, and simply living your life with a smile!

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